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The lookbook is a set of photographs, compiled together to give a precise idea about the latest fashion trends. It elaborates on the vogue of styles hit in the market. Moreover, a glimpse of clothes that will excite the viewer to take a fashion cue from it. Thus, it also helps in catching up a fashion trend to make it go viral.


​Lookbooks are designed with a complete style manual. It gives an idea and a fashion hint that everyone needs, on how to stylize your clothes with different accessories and attires.  Moreover, with each season, the style of clothes gets changed and upgraded. In that case, you just need to catch up with a Lookbook, to be updated and to keep your fashion sense on point.


what is a lookbook? A lookbook is a collection of images that capture a fashion designer’s collections.This gives potential buyers the ability to see how the clothes create looks. Hence the name “lookbook.” It’s a must-have for brands and designers to shop their collection to boutiques and stores to carry.




Lookbook photography  and  Campaign Shoot from the eye of a fashion photographer


In today’s time, many designers consider themselves to be on the top of the fashion game. But, you are not a true fashionista or designer, until and unless you are familiar with its vocabulary and jargon. The fashion industry is diverse. If you are already a veteran or expert in this fashion photography industry, then you must be well versed in its terminology. But if you are not! Then you must get your hands on it ASAP! So, that you use the words at an appropriate place while speaking with your client or on any occasions. In this piece, we elaborate to you, about the difference between Lookbook photography and a Campaign photo shoot.


Now you must be wondering that how do I get the best people for the job, then you need not panic at all, just open the browser in your cell phone or laptop, visit any search engine and just search for fashion photographer in or near your location. Suppose if you are from Delhi, North Delhi or Centre Delhi then you can straight away search for fashion photographer in delhi, best fashion photographer in Delhi, fashion photographer in Rohini Sector 1-26. Also, you can shoot lookbooks or campaigns both indoors and outdoor in case of outdoor shoot, searching for an outdoor fashion photographer might be of more help. That doesn’t mean a photographer who shoots indoors only can’t shoot outside his studio the only difference is that choosing someone of the same genre will always have an advantage.