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Kids Photo SHOOT

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Kids Photo SHOOT




The times we spend with our families, especially our children, do not stay forever. Time passes by so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up. Kids, most especially, grow up so fast. So fast that the next thing we know they’re already all grown up and living life on their own. Thankfully, kids photography can capture rare precious moments and help us relive those special times over and over through pictures.


Just in the first few years of our children’s lives, there is so much that happens, so many amazing things that show us how our children are developing and growing. That first tooth, that first step, that first word – there are just so many firsts, it takes my breath away!


More and more families now want their children’s special moments preserved for the future. Because of this, a whole new genre of professional photography called child photography (or, children’s photography or even kids photography) has developed.



if you actually think about it, the location doesn’t really matter for your kids photographer photo shoot. It could be at your home or our photo studio, it could be in your garden, or anywhere else you like.


The more important things that make a photograph stand out is the colors, details and texture of the image. The idea is that the background is created by the details in the background. A wooded forest, a beautiful garden, a city scape, your living room – anything will work.


When you play with light and colors, you get those perfect pictures that you envisioned in the first place.


So, basically, the choice is yours. You can let me know which location you would prefer to have the photo session, and we can take it from there. If you’re not sure about which location to choose, then think about which location your child or children particularly love.


It could be the park, any form house, you garden or even their playroom. Having the photo shoot in a location where you child is comfortable can make a huge difference to making them comfortable.


If you want to organise a family photo shoot, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.


Get in touch and we can arrange a time that suits you and your family.


To book your  kids photography session today please fill out our contact form and we will give you a call back shortly.



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