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For this high-end fashion brand’s social media advertising shoot, our team played around with different coloured backdrops, ranging from a vibrant red, a neutral sand tone, to a pastel yellow, blue and purple. The stark contrast in these backdrops created variety in our photos, making each of them unique and pleasing to the eye.


Neutral outfits adorned with polka dots were complemented against a colored background to accentuate a soft and classic vibe. This helped highlight the product’s golden tones, as well as its eye-catching yet simple pattern. These photos were perfect to post on social media.


Our photographers also aimed to capture fun, lifestyle shots to show off some more casual wear products. The bright pastel backdrops were used to accentuate the clothes’ harsh stripes and camo prints, whilst the electric red backdrop was balanced out with a light-coloured top.

Alongside this, props such as chairs and blocks were used in order for the models to strike a cool and laid back pose.

we are leading experts in creating high-quality content for all your social media advertising needs. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you stand out on social media.




For growing businesses, video marketing is a beneficial means of interacting with your target market and growing your brand. Here are more benefits of video marketing and the reasons why you should use it now.


  • More customers are watching video
  • The video complements marketing strategies
  • Optimised videos are easily found by Google
  • Video aids with branding and consumer trust
  • Using video shows you keep with the times
  • Using video, consumers are more likely to buy
  • Live video is increasingly popular
  • Capitalize on video to gain further advantages in your industry
  • Video marketing is constantly evolving


Nowadays, videos have gained a lot of popularity. Video marketing has become a forward-facing strategy that combines attractive videos into your marketing campaigns.


As per research, the percentage of using videos as a part of the marketing strategy is increasing from 70% in 2019 to 92% in 2020. With this fact, it is clear that there is a sharp rise in video marketing.


Through video marketing, you can build your brand, drive sales & conversions, raise awareness of your products or services, and also engage your customers.


If you are a digital marketer then you already know about the benefits of video marketing in 2020. But if you are not a marketer then you should read the following benefits of video marketing.


Benefits of video marketing


The following are the major benefits of video marketing.


Boost conversion rate

Videos are proved to be the best option for boosting the conversion rate. According to a recent study, it is proved that 57% of people buy products online after watching the demonstration video of the product.


Must be accessible

Nowadays, there are different platforms for video marketing like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Television, etc. Most of people are using smartphones in this century and they want to access everything from their mobile. That’s why it is important to create such a video that can be accessible by everyone & through every device.


Improve traffic

Video marketing increases social shares and creates audience engagement which will help to improve the traffic on your website.


Attractive & entertaining video

Before using video as a part of your marketing strategy, it is important that you must know what type of content you should produce. Remember one thing that people will like to see attractive, entertaining, and informational videos. Make sure to generate content around this so that you can keep your audience engaged and happy.


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